The Horseshoe II Necklace

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The horseshoe is a quintessential equestrian symbol that has a long and storied history of being a powerful good-luck charm. Keep your love of horses and a token of luck close to your heart with The Horseshoe Necklace II.


  • Features a dainty horseshoe charm with sparkly micro pavé Cubic Zirconia
  • Cable chain is adjustable from 16" to 18"
  • Spring clasp closure
  • Customize the length with an adjustable chain extender
  • Charm measures approx. 10mm x 7mm
Color: Gold

All pieces from The Hunt Collection are made with high-quality materials that with a little TLC, can last years and years. All gold pieces are made with 14k Gold Filled chains & findings, with charms being either Gold-Filled, Vermeil, Rhodium or Gold Plated. All silver pieces are made with Sterling Silver chains and findings, with charms being either Sterling Silver or Rhodium Plated. Each item will note what materials make up that necklace.

- G O L D -

What is Gold-Filled?: Gold-filled items are second only to solid gold.“Gold-filled” is a USA industry standard that legally requires 1/20th, or 5% pure gold by weight.  It’s a process regulated by the Federal Trade Commission that involves pressure bonding multiple layers of solid 14k gold with extreme heat over a core of high quality jeweler’s brass resulting in a durable, quality real gold product. 

How long will it last?: With some care, gold-filled jewelry can last for decades. Take off your jewelry while you sleep to avoid snags, don't go into the pool with it (chemicals, yuck), try to steer clear of getting product on it, and give it a good clean once in a while. I keep mine on in the shower. It ultimately depends on body chemistry, but you should have a truly long-lasting piece of jewelry.

Why isn't everything Gold-Filled?: Not all pieces, especially charms, are able to go through the process that gold-filled requires. Our non-GF items are Vermeil or plated with high-quality gold or rhodium. 

What is Vermeil?: Vermeil is a material composed of a thick layer of gold over solid sterling silver.

- S I L V E R - 

What is Sterling Silver?: Sterling silver is an alloy created when copper is added to pure silver in order to make the resulting compound more durable and less soft. Usually, sterling silver has a purity of 92.5%, meaning that 7.5% of the alloy is made of copper.

How long will it last?: Sterling silver jewelry can last many many years with proper care. Because it's prone to tarnishing, it requires a little bit more love. Take it off when you sleep and shower, don't go in the pool with it, polish it with a soft cloth (like ones for eyeglasses) and store it in an anti-tarnish bag when you're not wearing it.

Note: All Sterling Silver contains a small amount of copper, which due to it's oxidization properties, can discolor skin over time. Cosmetics and moisture accelerate tarnish, which is the culprit of discoloration aka skin turning black or green, so the better you take care of your sterling jewelry, the less likely this is to occur. Ultimately, it is up to individual body chemistry as well.




The following are "best practices" - following these directions will help maximize the longevity of your jewelry. I personally wear my pieces 24/7 and give them a quick rinse or polish with a soft cloth once in a while. The main things to avoid are wearing them in sulfur springs, the ocean/salt water, and the pool.  

    - G O L D - 
    • Gently polish with a soft cloth, or rinse in lukewarm water and dry with a soft cloth.
    • Take off while you sleep to prevent snags.
    • Avoid wearing in the pool, hot tub, ocean/salt water, and sulfur springs.
    • Avoid getting makeup/hairspray/lotion/products on your jewelry.
    • When not wearing, store your jewelry individually with the clasp closed, preferably sealed in a ziplock bag.

    - S I L V E R - 

    • Due to oxidation and wear, your sterling silver jewelry may tarnish over time. Regular cleanings with a jewelry polishing cloth will keep your pieces looking like new.
    • Take off while you sleep to prevent snags.
    • Avoid wearing in water, especially the pool, hot tub, ocean/salt water, and sulfur springs.
    • Avoid getting makeup/hairspray/lotion/products on your jewelry.
    • When not wearing, store your jewelry individually with the clasp closed, preferably sealed in a ziplock bag.

       If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me at!


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Beautiful & delicate

      I am not much of a jewelry wearer, but I love this necklace. It’s very dainty and quiet like much of the pieces and I absolutely love it!

      Thanks so much, Jessica! So happy to hear you're loving it :)

      - Karina


      I love my necklace! it’s a perfect subtle piece to show off your inner horse girl ❤️ Great quality and came very quickly!

      So happy to hear that you love it! Thank you so much for your support Cera, it truly means the world <3

      - Karina

      Beautiful and dainty

      I love my Hunt Collection horseshoe necklace. Amazing quality, seriously AMAZING, for the price. It’s my favorite necklace. It stacks perfectly with the triple bar chain 😍

      Thank you so much Sarah!! That's definitely the goal I has in mind :) So glad you're enjoying your HC pieces!

      - Karina

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